vettev is a complete solution to manage you veterinary clinic.
It is free, released under Open Source license.
You can trace you customer and animal records, loading treatments, scheduling appointments, doing reports, and billing managment, and more...
vettev features also a client-server architecture, it means that can have access on multiple computer at the same time.

  • Doctors records, manage more than one veterinary
  • Customer records
  • Animal medical records, with images and document mangement
  • Billing management
  • Treatments list with prices
  • Scheduling agenda
  • Reports
  • Multilangue pdf prints, make use of gettext files
  • Cloud backup system
  • Multi position, access vettev on multiple computer at the same time
  • Client-server architecture

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* The project is released under an open source license, you must agree the license to use this software, please refer to the download page for the license.

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