PDFsecuview is a web application created for document management and assisted deployment of Acrobat PDF documents.

PDFsecuview enables you to share documents and offers a set of permission policies and printing limitation for every PDF document under control.
Before printing a document, the costumer's printer has to be activated by the administrator. This protect the document against unauthorized copy or conversion into unprotected digital documents.
For every document the administrator can define the user, or group of users, that are enabled for reading the document. The administrator can also enable users to save documents without watermark and how many times the document can be printed.

  • multilanguage
  • written in PHP
  • permission policies to download documents
  • printing limitation
  • printer registration, every printer should be activated by an administrator
  • mass-mail, advices and private messages
  • administartion interface, with password acces, uses the framework dojo for AJAX - with this kind of technology it is possible to give highr usefulness to user
  • support database is MySQL
  • it is fully built all around the smarty framework, in order to enable an high use of template
  • user registration to be made by password request and/or by administrator licence request
  • password reminder to be made by e-mail
  • registered session by cookie or temporary

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