This project is dismissed. The last release of this software was working, but the project will no longer be maintained byt the author.

lINlOUT is an authentication users tool, that supplies a rule to run a registerd users area.
  • multilanguage
  • written in PHP
  • Open Source
  • administration interface, with password access, uses the framework dojo for AJAX - with this kind of technology it is possible to give more usefulness to user
  • the support database is MySQL
  • it is fully built all around the smarty framework in order to anable a high use of template
  • user registration to be made by password request and/or by administrator licence request
  • password reminder to be made by e-mail
  • registered session by cookie or temporary
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* The project is released under an open source license, you must agree the license to use this software, please refer to the download page for the license.
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