This project is dismissed. The last release of this software was working, but the project will no longer be maintained byt the author.

Calamaio is a video streaming server to watch video streams in real time through internet connection.

Calamaio can stream JPEG or MJPEG images.
The configuration file can be set according to the user preferences in watching the streams. Additionally, the number of cameras and the type of video outputs can be selected by the user.
It is possible to enable up to 16 cameras. However, by editing the provided source code of the project, it is fairly easy to add additional input sources.
The server is implemented to work with multi-plexed cards, as the cards based on conexant fusion 878a, supported by the bttv driver in linux kernel, also it works with other card that support /dev/video devices.

Calamaio is implemented over linux kernel 2.4 or less, written in ANSI C, using the IDE development platform Eclipse. There are many clients available to view JPEG or MJPEG streaming, one of those is "cambozola".

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